Design and Conception

Quality is not just a difference, it is a commitment that we renew in every piece we create.

O Design de cada proposta advêm do trabalho desenvolvido pelos nossos departamentos criativos, que auscultando a ideia do cliente apresentam uma solução adequada à medida de cada negócio, tornando o vestuário único e exclusivo.

A proposal is made for development, the compromise between Union Wear and the Client being to make the project a value for each business.


The development of the Professional Clothing is done in synergy with our creative and production department.

After approval of the project a wide range of fabrics is presented allowing the customer to choose the comfort and the necessities for the production of the clothes adapted to his business.

The guarantee on finishes, materials and price / quality ratio allows a customized solution through an action plan until the delivery of the product to the client.